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Get help from experienced agents or brokers
A licensed agent or broker can help you:

  • apply for insurance for individuals and businesses
  • review and compare price, coverage, quality, and other important features
  • choose a plan that works for your budget, business, and employees

The premiums you pay will be the same with or without the help of agents or brokers.

Apex Benefit Group is an independent insurance brokerage that designs Group Benefit packages alongside Employee Wellness Programs to help Employers control costs.  This creates a financially savvy benefit structure that supports both employee needs and keeps corporations fiscally fit.

Controlling health care costs means controlling employee wellness.

  • Obesity costs companies $13 billion per year in medical expenses and lost productivity
  • Fitness Programs decrease employer healthcare costs by 20% -55% 

Experts agree that the presence of health education, links to related employee services, supportive physical and social environments for health improvement, integration of health promotion into the organization’s culture, and employee screenings followed by adequate treatment are the key components to successful wellness programs.

A well managed company creates a healthy workplace environment, happier employees and ultimately, greater productivity.  Studies have shown that supporting Employee healthy lifestyles:

  1. Lowers Employer’s insurance costs
  2. Lessens Employees’ sick days
  3. Increases job production by 47 percent

Our Insurance Division helps clients select and manage renewal of Group Insurance Benefits, provide ongoing service and claims support, and provides third party administration of payroll services. 

The Wellness Team supports companies by establishing and maintaining Employee Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness Programs. Certified Health Coaches focus on serving the group with confidential health coaching and results-oriented programs.  Certified instructors offer on-site/ off-site group fitness classes.  Our partnering Medical Doctors offer expertise and support in preventative care.